Winter is here and we bought lots of chooky poo to mix with sawdust and walnut hull waste. This is composted for a few months and then spread over the orchards.

The sheep move in to add extra fertiliser in return for getting fat on the grass and the trees are pruned and the prunings chipped. This also goes back into the orchard. With these methods we minimise the amount of biomass that leaves the system.

Come back soon to see what happens next….

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Harvest is started


Summer irrigation along the tree line, and pesty cockies.


SpringĀ in the orchards

The trees are coming out into leaf after flowering. These pics are from our crop for the Green walnuts which are bought for pickling and preserves. This area looks down into the Myrrhee Vallley and the trees are chemical free.

A good time to rest up around the bonfire…this years was massive burning up two years of prunings. (We also mulch a percentage of prunings and put back into the orchard system.)

In past years…….